Unhappy With Your WordPress Traffic? These Five Tips Will Help

You spent weeks setting up your WordPress blog and perfecting every detail. Then you got your site online. It was a wonderful feeling. You thought it was “mission accomplished”.

But now that you look at the traffic stats for the blog, they are not very impressive. What can be done about it? Here are five tips to drive traffic to a WordPress blog or site.


  1. Use SEO and Site Rankings

Search engine optimization is the lifeblood for most websites. It is the most relevant aspect of how much traffic a site will generate.

Ensure the WordPress theme is SEO friendly. Look for high ranking keywords related to the topics of the WordPress site. Incorporate these keywords into titles, meta descriptions and the main content.

Look into WordPress plugins that are relevant to SEO. These are very helpful in tweaking a site so it is more SEO friendly, and helpful in assessing the results of those changes.

Plugins such as Yoast SEO and W3total Cache are great.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is very relevant in how people consume content. Many people get their information from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.

Having accounts on these sites is important. Using those accounts to advertise new content on the WordPress site is crucial. It helps when those accounts are being used for other engagement too. If the account is just posting WordPress links every few days, it will have fewer followers.

  1. Advertise Directly

Not reaching the target audience for a WordPress site? It may be time for some direct advertising. Research the target market, figure out what sites they use the most often and advertise on those sites.

WordPress site owners and bloggers who have a higher budget may want to consider creating short-form video content for advertisement purposes as well.


  1. Backlinks

Partnering with other sites and blogs to establish the legitimacy of a WordPress site is a very good idea. It is done through backlinking, which means that other sites are linking to the WordPress site on their own pages.

Getting a bunch of backlinks from blogs with an even lower viewership is not the way to approach it. WordPress site owners must find related websites and blogs with higher traffic. When those sites and blogs backlink to the WordPress site, the usefulness of the website increases in the eyes of search engine algorithms.

  1. Relevant Content

All the SEO and marketing tricks in the world cannot make up for stale or poorly updated content. If the WordPress site has one new post added to it each month, why would it generate sufficient traffic?

People want to read new, interesting and relevant content. And they want that content updated with increased frequency. The WordPress site should have at least one new blog each week.

If the site owner can create video content, it is even better. Video content is known to increase the chances of someone staying on a site and coming back.

With these tips, you should be able to get your WordPress site traffic up to a respectable level in no time!