Three Surprising Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform

Thinking about starting a blog? Overwhelmed with all the different options that are available?

It seems that every day a new blogging platform comes to prominence. WordPress is one of the old guards in this area and they continue to be a huge player in the blogging sector, given that around 20% of all online sites are powered by WordPress.

But is WordPress right for a new blogger? Here are three surprising reasons why it is still the best blogging platform, especially for those who are new to this sector.

1. Create the Right Impression

It is tempting to go with a free blogging platform. No expense is always nice, and most of the website is already created, requiring minimal customization.

But site visitors are smart. People are quick to spot the signs of a website that was created using a free and fully themed platform. They can see the generic themes, common widgets and other tell-tale free blogging platform signs.

WordPress offers a degree of professionalism that is not present on other platforms. Depending on what package is chosen, it is possible to have a website with a custom domain name. That is a big win off the bat.

The incredible customization options, which are discussed in detail below, are another reason why creating a good impression is much easier with a WordPress blog.

2. Incredibly Helpful Community

When so many people use WordPress, it is not hard to understand why it is such a huge community.

Need help with any aspect of a WordPress blog? A simple Google search will yield more than enough results for even the most obscure of questions. Even if a question is not answered, there are dedicated forums and blogs where people can go to ask specific questions. Most queries are answered in detail and very quickly.

Beginners who have limited experience in building a blog site will find the experience of using WordPress very comfortable. There are growing pains, but the plethora of information online ensures all queries are easily answered.

3. As Much Control as the User Needs

The beauty of using WordPress is that a user can have as much or as little freedom as they want. If someone wants to create a very basic blog that uses one of the available themes, it is no issue. The site will still look sleek and classy. Those who want to go a step further and establish their own brand using a WordPress blog can do so.

It is possible to choose from thousands of themes, customize those themes, tweak the code on the WordPress blog, install hundreds of unique plugins and monetize the blog in numerous ways.

Those who are seriously contemplating setting up a blog should look at WordPress. It offers the best value, features, community, professionalism and customization options.

While it is not free, it is a much superior experience to any completely free blog host. Those who want to use a blog to further their career or establish a personal brand will find WordPress the ideal host.