Steps You Need to Follow before Using WordPress Theme

WordPress offers multiple themes to pamper its users. Thousands of paid and free themes make anyone overwhelm. Hence, one should consider various aspects before using one. Keeping the factors below in mind, one can select the theme which would serve his/her interest best.

Before, moving on to steps for choosing the ideal theme, you should know why one should be careful when selecting one. All types of websites are created using WordPress and so; different themes cater to distinct markets. Some offer a higher scope of customizations which makes it difficult for one to use and a few others might make a website look amazing but makes it slow.

So, when selecting a theme, ensure you follow specific steps which are below.

  • Browser compatibility is a must

An individual’s theme might look perfect on his/her browser. However, other people might use different browsers where it might be utterly incompatible. Most WordPress developers test these rigorously using sophisticated testing tools for compatibility.

Also, an individual can test on his/her own by checking it on multiple browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. Make sure to check it on several mobile browsers too.

  • Choosing simple themes instead of complex ones

Different themes offer distinct colors, complex layout, animations, etc. In most cases, one might not require these aspects. Looking for a theme which supports one’s objective is an ideal move. It should look appealing without compromising simplicity or usability.

Having a theme with overly complicated presentation style is a big no. Web design’s purpose is assisting users in finding information which they require and simultaneously aid website’s owner to reach their goal.

  • Supports popular plug-ins

WordPress plug-ins makes it possible for an individual to perform any task which they want with their site. Some must have plug-ins include Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, Gravity Forms, etc. So, when applying a theme, make sure it supports all standard plug-ins.

  • Responsive themes for various devices

These themes adjust layout according to device and screen size. Mobile, tablets, etc. generate a substantial amount of web traffic. This number can go higher than 50% of total visitors one’s site gets.

According to Google, mobile-friendly sites top search results in mobile. Irrespective of a site’s demographics and topics, a business’s website should be mobile ready and responsive. However, almost all themes of WordPress are by default responsive. However, some sellers sell fixed layouts. Hence, make sure to get a theme which is mobile friendly.

  • SEO friendly themes for appropriate optimization

WordPress themes are critical to a site’s SEO aspects. Even some remarkable theme can still have poorly HTML coding which might affect a website’s performance. Hence, while going through WordPress themes make sure to choose an SEO optimized theme. To check if a page generates adequate HTML5, one can use W3C Markup Validation.

One should keep these in mind before opting for a theme in WordPress. These will aid in getting a theme which is attractive to visitors and also efficient.

Hence, make sure to select the best themes for optimal usage!

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