We at 1 plugin respect your right to privacy as much as you do. We will in no way use the data collected to infringe upon that. Below listed is the ways we collect data from you and how we use them.


We employ the help of cookies to track user sessions and usage of our website so that we can learn about the performance of our website and also what interests each user and accordingly make suggestions to them.

Subscription/Contact form:

All information submitted through these are stored in our database and is used to contact you with latest info or reply to your query. These details are used by us to send mail through a third party server who don’t have access to the list.

Website Logs:

Each website visit/session is logged in our database and is used to run diagnostics and performance checks. They are used for website improvements and in no way reveal who the user is.


We may use third party services to show ads on our site to generate revenue for us. We do not share user details with them. We do not control what they show/sell. We would not be liable for the product/service showcased in the ad. You need to check the policies of the third party site before using the site.

Get in touch with us if you have any doubts regarding the above mentioned policies or if you have any other issues with our site. By continuing to use the site you agree to our policies and will abide by it.