How I Got My Blog Moving

Writing has been a passion of mine for years, but trying to start any sort of career as a writer isn’t easy.  The real trick to it all is just trying to get people to read what you write, and format is nearly as important as content in this regard.

When I first started my WordPress blog, I just used one of the templates on the site.  Unfortunately, I found it hard to drive traffic to my blog using this generic template.  That was when a friend of mine told me about the different plugins that can be used to make your blog look better and increase the traffic to your site.


How did these plugins help me make my site better?

Drag and Drop Photo Album Creator

One of the first things that caught my eye when I looked over the plugins was the fact that I could easily create a photo album by just dragging and dropping photos into the album builder.

I found that this was much easier than having to manually upload the photos, and it streamlined the entire process for me.  Having quality images to accompany your blogs goes a long way in improving the overall aesthetic of it.



Add-ons for Video and Social Media

If you want more people to see your content, then you need more people to share it.  With the plugins that I found, I was easily able to present “share” buttons for all of the different social media sites.

Rather than having to copy and paste the URLs for my posts, those who are fans of my blog can now simply click the “share” button and it will instantly be posted to their social media accounts.

I also found these add-ons to be really great for adding video and audio content to my blogs, which was something I was never able to do before.


Creating Thumbnails

When you see a link to a professional blog on social media, you will likely also see a relevant image presented with it in the form of a thumbnail.  Prior to using these plugins, my blog links always showed up without any sort of thumbnail image.

To grab the attention of potential readers right away, it’s important to have a relevant thumbnail that will appear with the link.

Overall Presentation

All of the individual features available with the plugins were great, but it was all of these features put together that made the biggest difference.

With each feature at my disposal, I was able to create a site that was all my own and didn’t even look like a WordPress site anymore after I was done.

I received multiple compliments regarding the layout of the site and how easy to read it was.  This was basically everything coming together in order to form an amazing looking site that catches people’s eyes.

Since using plugins, my site views have quadrupled, so I guess you could say things are going well.