Create a Stunning WordPress Blog With These Simple Tips

The way a website looks matters a lot. There are hundreds of websites offering information on the same topics. If someone is not lured into a website within the first five seconds of opening the page, they are gone.

They will find another site that gives them information on the related topic.

It is vital for websites and blogs to be as attractive as possible. Here are five tips to help create the perfect WordPress blog or website.

  1. Use Quality Images

There are countless websites that do a good job with web design and content, but they are let down by their image choices. Skimping on image choices is not an option, especially for newer blogs and websites. Find quality, high resolution images from reputable sources – even if they cost a few dollars.

  1. Pick the Right Font

Finding the right font is surprisingly difficult. It must not be so formal that it is boring, but it should not be so outlandish that it distracts from the rest of the site.

It is also important to see how the chosen font looks on different devices, such as laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.

  1. Color Choices: Keep It Simple

Eccentric color choices are never a good idea for websites. It becomes very distracting and completely takes away from everything else that is going on with the page.

Think of background color choices as being similar to painting the living room walls at a house. It should be a modest color which allows everything else to shine in the foreground.

  1. Find the Perfect Logo

Logos are so important to modern brands. Those who are starting a new site or blog must strive to create the perfect logo. If it is a business, the logo must represent the business. Even for a personal site or blog, a good logo can help to kick start the individual’s personal brand.

It should be unique, memorable, interesting and the right fit for the brand.

  1. Clutter is the Enemy

Many site owners get into the trap of thinking more content equals a better site. Their landing page will include too many advertisements, pop ups, videos that start playing automatically and a ton of text. It becomes overwhelming and may lead the site visitor to just click on the back button.

Sites need ads to stay alive, and call to actions are also important. But there must be a balance. It is never a good idea to overwhelm people who visit a WordPress blog or website, especially for the first time.

It is daunting to create a new WordPress site or blog, but if each step is done correctly, even a beginner can end up with a stunning and highly functional site that helps them promote a new brand or their personal content.


Never rush through the process. If it takes an extra few days to get the site online, it is not a big deal. It is much worse to rush and put a poorly optimized site online. First impressions are important. Ensure the site or blog gives off the right impression to new visitors.